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Why You Shouldn’t Reject the Option of Having Dental Implants

Why You Shouldn’t Reject the Option of Having Dental Implants

What do you know about dental implants except for the fact that they are expensive? People are often scared of their price even if they really need them. If you have missing teeth, you shouldn’t waste your time, because without a proper strain balance in your jaw, the bone will start resorbing.

As soon as you lose a tooth, you should think of its restoration. Loss of bone tissue distorts the facial features and causes problems with facial joints over time. If you don’t replace your missing teeth right away and later decide to get dental implants, there is a chance you may need an additional bone grafting procedure to restore the lost bone tissue. This will take more time and money, so it’s better to get dental implants right after the tooth is lost.

Don’t Be Afraid of Dental Implants!

Let’s see how often people misunderstand dental implants and think that they aren’t worth their high price. This is very sad because from these myths and stereotypes, people deprive themselves of quality teeth restoration. Below are some common myths about dental implants and the actual truth behind them.

Implants are difficult to fuse and fail often

The percentage of successful implant fusion is about 98%. Cases when they don’t fuse are mostly related to poor work by the dental implant specialist or a patient’ neglectful attitude to the fusion period’s hygiene and necessary restrictions. There can be also individual health issues that increase the risk of implant failure.

All dental implants are the same 

They are all made of titanium and its alloys but they are not all the same. There are many differences that matter, like the implant design, the way its surface is processed, the strain it can handle, etc. The manufacturers are also different. Each one has its experience, reputation and percentage of successful fusion.

Dental implants are not for elderly people

Elderly people need dental implants more than anyone because it’s at this age that people mostly lose their natural teeth. There are surely more health risks in the elderly age but all those risks are taken into consideration by the dental implant specialist planning the procedure.

Dental implants won’t let you have an MRI exam

For a long time, people used to believe that during an MRI procedure, dental implants are affected by magnetism. However, today’s titanium teeth implants have proven to be resistant to magnetism due to the inertness of the material they are made from. 

You can’t get multiple implants during one procedure

In fact, you can. Installation of even one dental implant puts stress on your body, so why not do several at the same time  if you need it and can afford it? It’s even better because this stress boosts the regenerative processes in your body. If it happens regularly, the body adjusts and these processes are not as active anymore. The only thing that may affect the number of implants that can be installed at the same time is individual health issues.

You can install an implant anytime

This scenario is possible but the sooner you do it, the better. It will still be possible to do it anytime, but the process of bone loss is the strongest during the first year after losing a tooth. As the year passes, you still will be able to have an implant but most likely you’ll need bone grafting first. 

 Now you see that dental implants are worth their price and won’t cause you any problems in the future. Give them a chance!

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