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Where Can Vegans Get Calcium for Their Bones

Where Can Vegans Get Calcium for Their Bones

Perhaps the first assumption you hear when you come out as vegan will be about the lack of protein you will have. The second will probably be about calcium. When there is plenty of information about how protein-rich legumes are, calcium still seems to many people to exist only in dairy. 

Despite the fact that dairy obviously does more harm than good, people still believe that milk products are a superfood that everyone can’t live without. However, recent studies show that milk is not as good as we use to think. 

What’s Wrong With Dairy

The reason why vegans don’t consume milk has more to do with ethics than health, but it’s not even that beneficial for health as it’s believed to be. People are the only mammals that drink milk at the adult age. Their bodies aren’t adjusted to digesting it, this is why most people are lactose intolerant. 

What about calcium in dairy products that is so necessary for our bones? Dairy is rich not only in calcium but also in animal protein and sodium that increase the acidity of the blood. To compensate it, the human body needs more minerals and it takes them from the bones. 

This is how consumption of dairy leads to the opposite of what is expected and makes human bones weaker. Even the benefits of milk for teeth that were undoubted until recently are reevaluated now. 

Of course, moderate consumption of milk won’t ruin your teeth to the point that you may need a complete smile makeover but an increased acidity isn’t good for the entire body.  Calcium contained in plants is safer and digests better. Instead of sodium and animal protein, plant-based sources of calcium contain substances that make its digestion easier and strengthen both bones and heart.

The Best Plant Sources of Calcium

To provide your body with the necessary amount of easily digestible calcium, include these products into your daily menu. 

Sesame seeds

Only 4 ounces of sesame seeds per day will cover your need of calcium. You can add them to salads or cereal. They are also rich in healthy fats that are good for your health in many ways.


Cabbage is not only rich in calcium but also contains fewer oxalates. These chemical solutions don’t let calcium to properly digest. With products low in oxalates you can be sure that the calcium they contain will be well digested by your body. 


Besides calcium, figs are also rich in fiber that is necessary for proper digestion, iron, and potassium. You can cook plenty of food with figs, from salads to cereal and even energy bars. 


No matter how you consume almonds, it will complement your body with calcium, fiber, and magnesium. You can consume it raw or make milk or oil from it.


Broccoli is rich in calcium and many other important nutrients. It doesn’t lose its qualities if you cook it, but it matters how you do it. It’s better to boil or steam it to preserve more nutrients, but don’t boil it for too long. Leaving it “al dente” is sufficient.

This is how you can cover your body’s need for calcium without animal food. A balanced diet is key to being healthy no matter if you are vegan or carnivore.

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