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Surgical Aesthetics (Ageless Reshaping)

Surgical Aesthetics (Ageless Reshaping)

Are you tired of those love handles that remain no matter how hard you exercise or how closely you watch what you eat? Do you wish you could remove the sloping chin line you inherited from your father? Do the wrinkles on your face make you look exhausted even when you’re not? Ageless reshaping involves body contouring and skin tightening. You can look as young as you feel.

  • “Of all the things I miss from my youth, I miss my hair the most,” men often lament. About 50 percent of all men lose some or all of their hair in adulthood. You can stop covering up with a permanent transplantation procedure. Find out what hair restoration is all about.
  • For a man, developing larger breasts can be embarrassing and anxiety-producing. It happens for a number of reasons, none of which are your fault. Now you can get help through a gynecomastia procedure. It’s especially for men, and it’s effective. Schedule a consultation today!
  • They say men look more distinguished as they age. But that’s not true for every man. Your skin naturally loosens after a certain age, deepening your wrinkles and making you look older than you want to be. Had enough? Contact ReBalance in New York City to review all your options, including surgical aesthetics.


Surgical Aesthetics for Men

Plastic surgery was once thought to be something only women got. Today, more men than ever are undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery. It isn’t only one male demographic either. Men of diverse backgrounds are having ageless reshaping procedures done, even without weight loss programs.

There are many societal and professional expectations placed upon you as a man. If you can’t live up to these expectations, you may suffer consequences or at least endure a negative impact. It isn’t vanity that serves as the only reason for cosmetic surgery.

Surgical Aesthetics Options

If you want to look more fit and masculine, you can work out appropriately  and eat right. But genetics sometimes work against you. And then there are those pockets of fat that you just can’t seem to shed. In this day and age, there’s no reason to be dissatisfied with the way you look. Unhappiness with your appearance can cause depression and affect your love life.

To compete with younger men in the job market or maintain your theatrical edge, you can find a procedure that’s right for you. It may not even be surgical. Whether your motivation is for professional or personal reasons, you can succeed through ageless reshaping. Some of the nonsurgical and surgical aesthetics options available include:

  • Liposuction. Ideal if you want to get rid of your love handles and attain a slim body contour. A minimally invasive surgical procedure, liposuction involves removing fat from your body in areas like your sides and abdomen.
  • Lower rhytidectomy. Otherwise known as a neck lift, chin tuck or facelift, this procedure removes a double chin. The procedure hides its scars so they’re not visible after you heal. Your skin is pulled tight, making you look years younger and more powerful.
  • Blepharoplasty. An eyelid rejuvenation is typically done in conjunction with a chin tuck, but can be done on its own. It’s especially for men who may look tired all the time because of droopy eyelids.
  • SculpSure. The SculpSure fat reduction treatment is a nonsurgical laser technique that literally melts fat under your skin. Those fat cells get reabsorbed by your body and excreted as waste in a painless process.
  • Hair transplant surgery. Hair restoration offers balding men a chance to use your own hair to regrow the hair at your crown and temples. It’s a surgical procedure, so it takes about a week to recover enough to return to work. But over the weeks and months to follow, your transplanted hair follicles start to fill in the bald spots on your head.
  • Gynecomastia procedure. Male breast reduction surgery removes the excess fatty tissue on your chest. Whether it’s genetic or it resulted from poor eating choices, these fat deposits can destroy your confidence in nearly every area of life. The surgery may be minimally invasive, but it still takes weeks to fully recover.


Going the Extra Mile

A little surgical aesthetics and ageless reshaping can make a big difference in your professional life as it boosts your personal confidence. Consider complementary procedures, too, such as:

All aesthetic procedures can be costly and are rarely covered by insurance, but it is part of the ReBalance 360 program. Additionally, with the extended recovery periods involved with the surgical procedures, you’ll need to make sure you fully heal before returning to a vigorous exercise routine or physically demanding job.

Resource: https://www.rebalancenyc.com/surgical-aesthetics-ageless-reshaping

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