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Spots Is a Sign of Internal Diseases

Spots Is a Sign of Internal Diseases

The face is your calling card. And sometimes, to get rid of rashes, and acne, you begin to use all the necessary and unnecessary cosmetics that absolutely can’t help you. Rashes on the skin of the face can occur for various reasons, but often they signal about some abnormalities inside the body. 

Rashes, acne - these are signals that some organs have failed. All dermatologists say that this can be caused not only by hormonal disruptions (for example, during adolescence) but by serious dermatological and internal diseases as well. Depending on what part of the face the rash appeared, it is possible to make conclusions about what it signifies.

Different Zones and What the Spots Mean There

1. Forehead

If the rash appears closer to the hairline - this is a signal of a disruption of the gallbladder, above the eyebrows - the intestine. All this is a consequence of eating disorders, namely, the predominance of sweet and fatty foods in the diet. It is necessary to exclude red meat, sweets, packaged juices, pastries and drink as much water as possible.

Also, these rashes may be due to certain medications. Include in the diet products that remove toxins from the body and at the same time sparing the intestines: baked apples, boiled cabbage, and cauliflower.

2. The nose and t-zone

Pimples in this area is a sign that the liver is not cleaning the blood well. You should change the cooking style: bake your favorite dishes in the oven or on the grill, and fry only occasionally and using only olive oil when it is heated. Free radicals harmful to the liver are not formed that way. Once a week it is useful to arrange fasting days. And, of course, drink plenty of water.

3. The area under the eyes, and above the cheekbones

A rash in this area indicates poor kidney and adrenal gland function. Pimples in this area may appear as a result of stress, lack of sleep and unbalanced nutrition. To combat this, you should reduce activity, go on vacation, and get enough sleep. Also add more of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and clean mineral water to your diet. 

4. Cheeks

Pimples in this area signal of a problem with the lungs. A rash on the back and chest is a sign of this as well. If you are faced with this problem, first of all, you need to quit smoking, breathe fresh air more often and review your diet. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of dairy products, sweets, add to the diet whole grain cereals, baked apples and vegetable stews.

5. Lips

Pimples in this area is a sign of stomach or the whole entire digestive system disorders. In this case, it is good to go through a detox of the body, add to the diet as much fiber as possible in the form of vegetables, fruits and greens.

6. Chin

Most likely, the hormonal balance in the sexual sphere is disturbed. Pimples in this area can appear as a result of severe stress, alcohol use and disorders of the reproductive system. First of all, you should make an appointment with a gynecologist, review the daily regime and nutrition.

7. Ears

If you have severe acne on the ears, it means that you do not care about your kidneys at all. Common problems: you do not drink enough water, but consume a lot of salt and caffeine.

8. Eyebrows

Doctors say: “The window to the liver is between the eyebrows.” Acne in this place may indicate that your diet is too high in fat. Or that you consume too much alcohol. You know without us why excess fat and binge are harmful. It can be a reason for obesity.

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