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Posted on 03/19/2019 in Category 1

Skinny Jeans Are Dangerous for Our Spine

Skinny Jeans Are Dangerous for Our Spine

Despite the fact that today baggy jeans are more relevant than ever, skinny jeans are also extremely popular. They became real classy and an integral part of a wardrobe for modern fancy girls.

The Danger of Skinny Jeans

However, if you exclusively wear skinny jeans, it may become a real problem. Besides, they lead to abdominal distention and hidden varicose veins of pelvic organs! Actually, skinny jeans and (they are not the only ones) provoke health problems and back pain in women. 

British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has made such a declaration and noting that approximately 3 out of 4 women feel irregular back pain. And the desire to dress in accordance with fashion trends plays a role in this case. Skinny jeans, coats with heavy fur hoods and cross-body bags are included in the list of “potentially dangerous clothes”. 

What About Heavy Purses?

“I always wondered about that fact that patients don’t even imagine how much clothes and accessories may affect our health and, in particular, the condition of our spine and the fact that lots of people think that fashion requires sacrifice” - says chiropractor and leading specialist of British Chiropractic Association Tim Hutchful. 

He adds that greater danger is posed by things whose impact on our health is not obvious. That is, most women are well aware that heavy overloaded purses may cause back pain. Also, you should know that carrying heavy purse daily leads to curvature of the spine, negatively affects our muscles and shoulder tendons, it may even be the cause of shoulder periartitis. 

Other Fashion Trends That May Also Affect Our Health 

“New trends, such as asymmetric hem, bulky sleeves and hoods, and heavy jewelry may also create problems. Because any article of clothing which restricts our movements, making us stand or walk unnaturally may negatively affect our posture”, adds Tim Hutchful.

Big and heavy hoods create additional strain on the neck. And as for skinny jeans, they decrease your mobility and restrict your movement, even if you don’t think so. In addition, if you regularly wear uncomfortable clothes, it may ruin your shock absorption during walking and cause pressure and pain in your joints

High heels and backless shoes are very dangerous for our health. The sociological survey carried among 1,062 women has shown that 73 percent of them suffer from back pain. But in addition to back problems, high heels lead to calluses, corns, feet deformation, and sprain.

No, experts don’t tell us to refuse from clothes, which help us feel brighter, more confident, and nicer. But they advise being more attentive to our own wardrobe. For example, try to wear skinny jeans no more than 2-3 times a week (the same applies to high heels), and if you know that you will carry heavy things, you should take a backpack. All the more, they are at the height of popularity. 

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