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Everything You Need to Know About Fitness During Pregnancy

Everything You Need to Know About Fitness During Pregnancy

Expecting a child is a process full of a wide variety of emotions and changes in the usual schedule. But pregnancy should not prevent a woman from doing what she is used to and things that bring her pleasure such as fitness. 

If you carefully approach this issue, it will become clear that it is not necessary to rebuild your usual regime. If you do not want to take a pause for a period of nine months and want to continue your active lifestyle, follow these rules to continue fitness classes without harm done to your or your child’s health.

Who Can Not Do Fitness?

Some women should not do fitness during pregnancy at all, such as those who have specific contraindications for this. A woman shouldn’t do fitness if she had multiple pregnancies, ruptures of the membrane (ROM), risk of premature birth, serious diseases of the genitals, or more than 3 previous abortions.

What Are the Goals of Fitness During Pregnancy?

The main thing that you need to understand is that fitness during pregnancy should have its own special goals. What exactly should the goals be? The main ones to focus on are:

  • Fitness should prepare certain muscles in a woman's body so that childbirth passes more smoothly.

  • Fitness should improve the overall physical and emotional well-being of the pregnant woman.

  • Fitness exercises should eliminate stagnation in the body, constipation, improve the blood circulation of all body systems and internal organs, as well as sleep and digestion.

  • Exercise during pregnancy should help women recover more quickly after childbirth.

  • Fitness should train the heart and help prevent varicose veins that often occurs after childbirth.

  • The spine should relax and back pain should be relieved thanks to properly selected fitness is necessary to monitor the heart rhythm

Important Rules of Fitness for a Pregnant Woman

1. You can continue training

During pregnancy, the state of health takes on a slightly different status. Even if you are not sick and everything is good with your body, being fit during pregnancy is still very useful. Training during pregnancy restores blood sugar, strengthens the muscles, and makes the birth process safer and easier. The main goal in such training is not weight loss but maintaining health, since excessive exercise may be harmful.

2. Fitness during pregnancy is not harmful to the heart

The misconception that it is necessary to monitor the heart rhythm during pregnancy has led to the fact that women try to avoid any situations where the heart rate rises. Such a rule has no scientifically substantiated reason, therefore don’t be afraid to continue training, since a moderate load and a competent approach to physical exercise will not lead to excessive fatigue and won’t harm your heart health.

3. Exercises make the birth process easier

This point should finally convince you that it is necessary to continue an active lifestyle. Fitness during pregnancy reduces the risk of stretch marks and prevents the loss of breast shape. Strengthening the abdominal muscles and the body positively affects the walls of the uterus. This makes the birth process less painful and eliminates various possible risks. If you compare childbirth to a marathon, it becomes clear why it’s necessary to prepare your body for such an event.

4. Not all exercises can be done during pregnancy

When exercising during pregnancy, you need to limit the amount of physical load. Despite the fact that there are a lot of sports and you want to try all of them, it is better to limit those types that require a lot of strength. The extra weight that the body gains during pregnancy is already a great load on the body and additional strain can lead to back, neck, and pelvic pain. It’s best to continue the workouts that your body has already become accustomed to.

5. You need to watch your body temperature

During pregnancy, your body temperature is prone to changes so it’s very easy to overheat during an exercise which will negatively affect your health. That is why when doing such sports as yoga, you need to pay attention to this important factor and exclude exercises that make you strain more than usual. Engaging in a hot room is a bad idea, the same goes for a cold room or anywhere with a high level of humidity.

6. Pay attention to your sensations

If you are attentive to your own body, then you can notice any issues in time just by trusting your sensations. During pregnancy, the body itself reveals where and why it is not comfortable. If you want to continue training, you need to be able to distinguish between various alarm signals, even the most insignificant ones. 

As soon as you feel that you are hot or uncomfortable, you should stop the exercise because during this period of time, there are so many changes with your body that every sensation is important.

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