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6 Products That Preserve the Whiteness and Beauty of Teeth

6 Products That Preserve the Whiteness and Beauty of Teeth

Beautiful teeth look attractive and require the same devoted and daily care that we give to our hair or nails. We do not always remember this and when the problem worsens, we immediately seek our dentist. To change this situation, we have prepared a list of products that will preserve your dental health and improve the state of your smile without visiting the doctor:

1. Milk

Pure milk contains calcium which strengthens teeth and vitamins D and B2 which cleanse the oral cavity of germs and prevent the development of various inflammations. These elements contribute to the production of serotonin which is the hormone of joy and good mood. In the morning it will help to wake up and not get depressed and in the evening it will calm the nervous system. If ordinary cow's milk is not your option, then it can easily be replaced with coconut or almond milk.

2. Strawberry

In recent years there have been dozens of studies about effective ways to whiten teeth with strawberries and just as much research and evidence that disproves this. You should not expect that by simply eating strawberries you will achieve a Hollywood smile. But don’t neglect this fruit. It contains malic acid that really makes teeth whiter, simply because it removes food plaque from teeth and returns their natural color.

3. Yogurt Without Additives

We often hear that the best yogurt is one in which there are no additives and this is true. Various kinds of additives contain a lot of sugar. It is better to switch to natural yogurts. They provide crucial elements for your body such as calcium and phosphorus which your teeth as well. Calcium strengthens and cleanses teeth while phosphorus enhances this effect and maintains the color of enamel. 

4. Celery

After lunch or dinner, the most important thing is to clean the mouth of food particles and germs. Celery is the best helper for this. This vegetable collects food debris and removes the yellowish coating from our teeth. The vegetarian community has long replaced chewing gum with celery and also uses it as a standalone dish. It can be added to cottage cheese with herbs or soaked with olive oil. Thanks to hard fibers, celery improves the condition of enamel.

5. Carrots

A solid root crop cleanses the tooth surface, so it is worth chewing them at least once a day. But it can not be a replacement for you brushing your teeth. Carrots are ideal for a healthy snack and will not only improve the condition of your teeth but also help you stay energetic throughout the day. 

Dental health is often determined by the condition of the gums. Many dental problems are associated with their inflammation. Consumption of carrots has a beneficial effect on the state of the oral cavity. The chewing action kneads the gums and makes them elastic which prevents bleeding and various diseases.

6. Hard Cheese

Cheeses like cheddar or parmesan are great for maintaining healthy teeth. A few years ago, scientists proved that good hard cheeses prevent tooth decay and work as a natural teeth whitening method. Some family dentists advised eating a piece of parmesan immediately after a meal in order to neutralize the effects of acids. 

To improve the functioning of the whole organism, you can choose cheese made from sheep or goat milk. An important clarification is that a cheese plate with wine does not bring any benefit and alcohol instantly neutralizes the effect of any, even the most healthy cheese.

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