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6 Habits That Harm Your Oral Health

6 Habits That Harm Your Oral Health

Almost everyone has one or several bad habits. You may think that these habits are more irritating to the people around you than to yourself. But some types of harmful addictions can actually injure you. Here is a list of six habits that seem harmless but can affect your oral health.

1. You are fond of hard candies

Eating caramel candy washes our teeth in sugar, which can lead to tooth decay. Sugar is a very nutritious environment for bacteria. They produce acids that create cavities. Chewing hard candy can also damage teeth, tooth fillings or dental restorations. If you can’t refuse those sweets, choose sugar-free candies with low acidity.

2. You are a nail biter

If you often bite your nails in nervous moments in a book or movie, this is not good, but you can easily get rid of it. When it becomes a habit, it can harm your nails and the skin around them. Your mouth is full of different germs that get on the skin and vice versa. Germs that inhabit the under nail area can also enter the mouth, causing gum and throat infections. Bitter nail polish can wean you from chewing nails. 

3. You got bruxism

Bruxism is compressing and grinding of teeth. It is more common when you are sleeping or stressed and can damage your oral health. It can cause teeth to break or fracture so you may need repair with dental implants Brooklyn or crowns. Bruxism can also lead to damage in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Grinding your teeth can be also a result of tooth displacement,  lack of teeth or a bad bite. Make an appointment with an orthodontist to improve the bite or perform Botox injections into the muscles that will reduce the strength in them and possible injury.

4. You bite and lick your lips

If you constantly lick your lips, the digestive enzymes from your mouth get on them. These enzymes thin the skin and lead to dermatitis and inflammation which make lips dry and chapped. Biting the lips is much worse because it can lead to fibromas. They are dense, flesh-colored tumors that may need surgical removal. The best way out is to relax in a healthier way.

5. You constantly chew gum

Always chewing gum can also put you at risk of TMJ due to the overuse of the jaw muscles. Sugar-free chewing gum is another set of problems, such as digestive diseases. Sorbitol (an artificial sweetener) causes an unpleasant laxative effect when consumed in excess. According to the National Digestive Diseases Information Center, swallowing excess air while chewing gum also increases the risk of gas in the stomach. It is easier to try to replace the habit with another one than to quit it, so try something more healthy like drinking water.

6. You gnaw pencils and pens

Microbes can inhabit the ends of pens, so the habit of gnawing them can expose you to unpleasant pathogens such as the common cold viruses. An infected person probably has a virus on the fingers and spreads it by pens, a computer keyboard, and phone. In addition to embarrassing ink on the lips and clothes from an exploding pen, gnawing on writing instruments can harm the teeth, dental restoration, soft tissues and gums in the mouth.

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