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5 Facts About the Vagina That You Mightn't Know

5 Facts About the Vagina That You Mightn't Know

Let's talk about the vagina. It has really incredible properties like marvelous elasticity. And the self-healing mechanisms that continue to treat this area after childbirth are simply amazing. 

Many people still use the designation “vagina” to mention the whole below-the-belt area. But this term refers particularly to the muscular canal that connects the cervix and the vulva (the external part of the reproductive system). The vulva includes the labia majora (fleshy external folds covered with hair), the labia minora (the inner lips which cover the vaginal opening) and the clitoris (the nerve-rich protrusion at the top of the vulva, which is essential for orgasms and sexual pleasure).

Do you think that you know everything that can be said about your intimate anatomy? In this article, you can read these five amazing and impressive facts.

1. Vagina cleans itself

You shouldn’t put anything into the vagina to clean it from the inside. Douching, scrubbing and aromatic products are better to use on other parts of your body. And forget all sprays, perfumes, and products designed to cleanse the vulva. The modern beauty industry is obsessed with products for the vagina, but it’s better to use only water and soap.

2. Aeration is important

Yeast and bacteria can multiply in a humid and warm environment, so try to choose underwear and clothing that gives little ventilation to the vulva. It is better to wear cotton panties or panties with a cotton crotch. Thongs are good if they don’t cause irritation. You also shouldn’t wear pads all the time if you do not need them because they do not allow the vulva to “breathe”. Many doctors recommend sleeping without panties or even pajamas. If you do sports, use workout underwear to avoid unpleasant rubbing with ordinary panties.

3. Sex makes it healthier

Sexual intercourse reduces stress, burns calories, and makes you closer to your partner. But there is one more health advantage of sex. It helps the vagina to stay alive and lubricated, especially when a woman gets older and estrogen levels decrease. Sexual activity promotes blood flow and reduces the symptoms of menopause. And you need to know that all forms of sexual activity can be beneficial. Many gynecologists recommend using vibrators for increasing blood flow to the vagina.

4. You shouldn't endure painful sex

There is no need to suffer or abstain if sex hurts. There are a lot of cures for painful sex. Try different sex positions and use a vaginal moisturizer or lubricant. Some prescription drugs like vaginal estrogen can also be effective. If it doesn’t help, think about potential reasons that are not related to dryness, such as ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, or endometriosis. Make an appointment with your gynecologist to you rule out other possible causes like an infection or skin condition.

5. You can’t lose anything in the vagina

The vagina has an end. This means that tampons cannot go through your vagina and roam your body. But they can be located high on the back of the vagina, where they are more tricky to get. If you have problems with a stuck tampon, condom, or other things in your vagina, contact your gynecologist to help in catching it. Don't be confused because doctors encounter such situations all the time.

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