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5 Common Sports Injuries Which You Can Prevent

5 Common Sports Injuries Which You Can Prevent

In most cases, people get injured during sports because they do certain movements or exercises incorrectly. Sports injuries may be severe and even dangerous but almost are preventable. Let's review the most common types of sports injuries and methods to prevent them.

1. Runner’s Knee 

This injury is also called patellofemoral pain syndrome. The first symptom of the runner’s knee is a pain in front of the kneecap. Knee pain will worsen when you walk downstairs or downhill. 

What causes it? 

  • Running in tight shoes 

  • Warming up incorrectly 

  • Doing a lot of high-stress exercises 

How to prevent it? 

  • Do sports in special shoes, pay very close attention to your shoes if you are a runner 

  • Do the exercises correctly. If you don’t know how to do them, you can get a trainer

  • Increase physical load gradually 

2. Achilles Tendinitis 

This condition occurs due to an overload of the ankle muscles. People with Achilles tendinitis always recover for a long time. If left untreated, the injury can lead to a tendon rupture. 

What causes it 

  • Suddenly increasing the intensity of exercises

  • Taking certain types of antibiotics such as fluoroquinolones

  • Doing intense exercises 

  • Running on hilly terrain 

How to prevent it?

  • Do proper muscle stretches 

  • Choose your shoes carefully 

  • Strengthen your calf muscles 

3. Tennis Elbow 

This is a condition in which tendons around the elbow become inflamed. Tennis elbow causes elbow pain and immobility. The pain may also extend into the back of the forearm.

What causes it? 

  • Painting 

  • Playing tennis 

  • Playing instruments

How to prevent it? 

  • Take breaks in training to prevent elbow overstrain

  • If you notice the first symptoms of tennis elbow, you should visit a doctor. They will help you find the right anti-inflammatory medications. 

  • Use both hands during sports or when drawing. 

4. Dislocated Shoulder

The shoulder is the body’s most mobile joint, that’s why it’s very easy to get a dislocated shoulder. This injury is both incapacitating and painful. You can diagnose it with redness, sharp pain, and swelling of the shoulder. 

What causes it? 

  • Doing sharp movements with the arms

  • Suddenly increasing the intensity of exercises during gymnastics or martial arts 

How to prevent it? 

  • Avoid activities which may cause shoulder injuries

  • Stretch and strengthen your shoulder regularly 

5. Sprained Ankle 

This is an injury in which the ankle is forced to move out of its normal position and this makes the ankle’s ligaments tear or stretch. An ankle sprain is a common sports injury, especially in sports that require jumping, rolling or twisting of the foot such as, football, soccer, tennis, basketball, and trail running.

What causes it? 

  • Any incorrect movement during walking or running may cause a sprained ankle 

  • Walking on an uneven surface 

  • Falls during which your ankle twists 

How to prevent it? 

  • Strengthen and warm up your muscles 

  • Avoid high-heeled shoes

  • Wear comfortable shoes during sports 

  • Be careful when running or walking 

Main Ways to Avoid the Described Injuries

Prevention of common injuries is simple but most people ignore it. Don’t forget that it’s very easy to get injured, especially if you do high-intensity exercises or running. Here are three rules to prevent a lot of injuries: 

  • Do regular warm-ups. You should warm up every morning or before every training session.

  • Increase training intensity gradually. 

Strengthen the ligaments and joints. You can do it through special exercises, vitamin supplements, and proper nutrition. 

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