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5 Causes of Bloody Discharge After Sex

5 Causes of Bloody Discharge After Sex

At its core, sex is the exchange of body liquids. But there is one liquid that you wouldn’t be glad to see on the sheets. We are talking about blood. Postcoital bleeding can be confusing and unexpected. But it doesn’t mean that you should immediately panic.

One-time or rare spotting is probably common. But if it occurs more frequently, it’s time to visit your gynecologist. Most reasons aren’t dangerous, but some may be. If you observe red spots on the bed or between the legs after sex, be sure to talk to your gynecologist to find out if one of these problems is to blame.

1. You have uterine fibroids

Fibroids are benign overgrowths of the uterus’ muscular tissue. They can be of different sizes, from several millimeters to more than 5 inches. Uterine fibroids usually grow on the uterine wall from a stalk. Almost 75% of women are suffering from this disease during their reproductive years. However, most women will never discover if they have fibroids. And if someone is diagnosed, the treatment is not required in most cases.

But if uterine fibroids become too big, your gyno can offer you to undergo treatment such as surgery. The exact place of their growth also plays an important role in triggering bleeding. They contain a lot of blood and can start to bleed during sexual intercourse.

2. It may be cervical cancer

The bleeding with cervical cancer is usually painless because of the vascular nature of this disease. Movements during sex can irritate tissues and cause bleeding. If you have ongoing or persistent abnormal bleeding, tell your doctor about it. In this case, you will need to undergo an examination and get a Pap smear

3. You are suffering from a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis

These infections are very common. About three out of four women suffered from at least one of them. These infections can lead to inflammation that in many cases causes bleeding. But bleeding is not the main symptom of a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. They are usually characterized by changed vaginal discharge and itching. If the cervix becomes inflamed, a small amount of blood may be observed after intercourse.

4. You have an endometrial polyp

Endometrial polyp is not as scary as it sounds. Polyps are benign drops of tissue that form in the cervix or inside the uterus. They can have a different size, from a few millimeters to several centimeters. Polyps may hang from the cervix into the vagina and they can be hurt during sexual intercourse. Because of the blood vessels that can tear, you can see a small amount of blood. 

Polyps are more likely to occur in older women, usually aged 40 years or older. If you think that the polyp leads to blood after sex, your gynecologist can examine you.

5. It can be a side effect of birth control pills

One of the advantages of hormonal birth control is the capacity to manage your cycle. But many of them can lead to bleeding after sex. If you just started a new pill and noticed bloody discharge, don’t worry. Your body needs some time to get used to it.

But there is another side of this. Birth control pills can lead to atrophy or vaginal dryness. Sexual intercourse may cause microcracks and bleeding. If you think that hormonal pills are to blame for blood discharge after sex, ask your gynecologist to help you find another option.

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