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3 Rules of Safe Driving During Pregnancy

3 Rules of Safe Driving During Pregnancy

Pregnancy makes everything you do look like some kind of challenge. Everything becomes different and some things you are used to doing on a daily basis may seem more complicated than usual. However, if everything is going well and you have no specific abnormal conditions, you can do almost everything you did before.

To Drive or Not to Drive

In each trimester you may feel different. The first trimester can be severe with all that sickness that may be so devastating and turns your life into a nightmare. In the second trimester when hormones are not that violent, you feel better and can even enjoy your state. In the third trimester, your big belly causes lots of discomfort that may make you feel bad.

In different women, there can be different issues, severe or not. Therefore, the main marker to determine whether driving is safe for you is how you feel. If you feel good enough to drive, why shouldn’t you? Many pregnant women feel as if they totally fall out of life when they just sit at home and aren’t engaged in any activity. Being active is always good for both physical and mental health.

Just to be sure everything will be ok, you should read the points below. They will help you organize your driving in the safest and most comfortable way, which is very important for a pregnant woman.

Don’t drive if you feel bad

If you feel sick, tired, sleepy or anything else worse than usual, you shouldn’t drive. Correct your plans or ask someone to drive you if you can’t do it on any other day. Safety on the road depends much on how the driver feels, and you can’t undergo the risk of getting into a road accident.

Don’t learn to drive when you’re pregnant

If you are an experienced driver, it’s okay to drive when you’re pregnant. But if you’ve got a new leased car and are eager to start learning how to drive, think twice. Pregnancy may affect your ability to perceive and memorize new information and the speed of your reaction to new situations. It’s better to do it when the baby is born. It will also become a good option to leave the baby with your husband or someone else and have some personal space to avoid postpartum depression.

Don’t forget about the seatbelt

Your and your baby’s safety is crucial. This is why you should never forget about buckling up when you get into a car. But doesn’t it bring risks to your baby? It would be a lie to say there is no risk at all. But the risk of getting into a road accident is worse. You should place the belt as low as possible under your belly to reduce the risk.

As you can see, you can drive when you’re pregnant just the same you did before but with more cautiousness and common sense. Sometimes it’s better to stay at home or to let someone drive you. It also matters if you are an experienced driver or not, the road you need to drive, the weather and other circumstances. Focus on your mood, feelings, and needs. 

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